Presentatie in Zürich

27-03-2007 - Liesbeth de Jong, Secretary.

Mister Chairman, ladies and gentlemen,

I feel privileged to be present at this meeting of European veterinarians, who have dedicated their lives to the health and welfare of birds and their owners.
As a passionate bird lover, I highly appreciate the work you are doing.
Although I am not a veterinarian myself, I have lost my heart to birds ever since I was a child and I wish to make a contribution to our common goal: the health and welfare of these amazing creatures.

After consulting with Dr. Lumeij from Utrecht University about the best method of contributing my financial and creative means, I decided to initiate a Foundation for the Advancement of Avian Health and Welfare, to channel the superfluous money of your ornithophilic clients to the benefit of birds.
There must be many people like myself, who are considering to make large donations to avian health and welfare, but they often end up spending their money somewhere else, or they eventually have to bring it to the tax man.

By investing my time in the new foundation, I feel I might be able to change this.
My passion for birds has never been understood by people around me, and I am thrilled to have found a way of using it to the benefit of our feathered friends through this foundation.

Jake, my budgerigar, has played a prominent role in this initiative. In the first place, my budgie has been of great support to me in emotionally very difficult times, but secondly my budgie is suffering from an incurable disease for which more research is needed.

In the third place, through my creation of Jake, the impressive leader of a criminal budgerigar gang on a forum on the world wide web, I have created an outlet for my own naughty thoughts.

The idea that this tiny creature Jake, figurates as the chief villain of an avian gang for fund raising, is very appealing to me.

The foundation will enable financing of educational and research projects.
Many other organisations direct their efforts to the care of individual birds.
Although I have always found it heart breaking to see birds suffer, the view of the foundation which I recently established, is that investments can be quadrupled when the financial means are put into clinical relevant research and education, rather than to the care of individual birds.
The statutes of the new foundation specify, that the board must be composed of three persons of which two are member of the European College of Avian Medicine and Surgery.

I am honoured that the current treasurer of this European College, Dr. Westerhof, has agreed to be treasurer of our new foundation. 
And I am also glad that Dr. Lumeij from Utrecht University, has agreed to be president of it. I could not be in better company.

For the foundation to be successful, however, it is of the utmost importance that it gets support from all avian veterinarians in Europe.
By promoting this foundation through advertising it in your practices, the bird loving people of Europe, will be made aware of its existence.

For this specific promotional purpose I have designed a number of posters in which my budgie Jake, plays a leading role in the fund raising.

Currently there are six different posters which are spread over the conference facilities.
These posters are already available in the English language, but translations in other languages are in progress.
Posters in different sizes for your waiting room and postcards on which the cartoons are depicted, can be ordered at this conference.
I would highly appreciate your feedback on this initiative and I am open to any idea which will benefit the organisation.
I will be around until Friday at the end of the afternoon.
I hope to meet you again in two years time to communicate the progress of our mutual efforts.
Thank you for your attention, also on behalf of Jake and his terrifying flying gang.